about Joan's Theme

This album consists of an "A side" and a "B side".  The first two tracks, "Joan's Theme" and "Negative Space" deal with the emotional weight of the film and tell the musical story of Joan's character arc.  The rest of the tracks are a mixtape of sorts-- everything Joan is listening to in the film, and more!  


In collaboration with Kiefer Eijckelhof, the score was developed to represent Joan's inner struggle: she does not want to deal with her negative emotions, and so tries to suppress them.  When she tries to work on her audition assignment to compose a piece of music from her soul, she finds a growing storm awaiting.  In the first two tracks, you can hear the struggle between Joan and her subconscious emotions, and the liberation she finds when she learns to deal with those emotions.


Featured on this album are two amazing Miami-based musicians: Justine Garcia, featured on "Gustavo" and Brahm Masla, featured on "Vertigo".  These tracks were written for very short 5-10 second scenes in the film, so you get a little bite-sized sample of the amazing music that they create.  You can listen to Justine's latest EP Eggs HERE and Brahm's latest album And we were names HERE


Joan's Theme (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) can be found on all streaming platforms from October 7th, 2022.  In the same week, Joan's Theme will screen in Amsterdam and throughout the Netherlands as a part of the Keep an Eye Filmacademie Festival 2022, and will also be available from October 6-12th at





SeungJae Lee- violin 1

Virginia Cinelli- violin 2

Alyssa Wright- violin 3

Mojan Alaijeh- violin 4

May Bardsley- viola

Frances Inzenhofer- double bass



Ileana Termini- soprano saxophone

Adam Claussen- alto saxophone, Joan’s tenor saxophone

Mafalda Oliveira- tenor saxophone

Pedro Silva- baritone saxophone


Ido Zilberman- studio engineer



Composed & produced by Adam Claussen

Lyrics & vocal performance by Justine Garcia



Composed & produced by Adam Claussen

Lyrics & vocal performance by Brahm Masla


All other vocals, guitar, woodwinds, & piano by Adam Claussen

After deliberation by a panel of judges consisting of Kaveh Vares, Michel Schöpping, & Bob Zimmerman, the 2022 Keep an Eye Filmscore Award was given to Adam Claussen for his work on the score for the film Joan's Theme.

Interview with Director Kiefer Eijckelhof

Director Kiefer Eijckelhof (left) and Adam Claussen (right)

In this interview, Adam and Kiefer discuss the creation of the film Joan's Theme, diving into the musical concepts and challenges faced in pre-production, production, and post-production.


When Joan auditions for an important jazz master, she struggles to put her emotions into her music. Joan's mother's illness throws her off balance and affects her emotional world. Joan battles the negative feelings, but this doesn't seem to be the solution.

This film was made with the support of EO.


Première: Thursday, 6 October 20:00 hrs at Eye Cinema 1


Joan's Theme will be screening in Blok A during the Keep an Eye Filmacademie Festival







Regie Kiefer Eijckelhof
Scenario Tessa Le Tron  
Productie Robijn Boekelman, Marie-Louise Keur  
Cinematografie David van der Drift 
Gaffer Thomas Weber  
Production Design Isa Soares  
Art Direction Tessa Duin  
Montage Mischa Lamping  
VFX Supervisie Luke van Aarle, Jitte van Berlo, Wijnand Meijer  
Geluidsontwerp Lesley van Brummelen  
Mixage Teun Beumer  
Geluidsopname Jesse Enzler  
Componist Adam Claussen  


Regie-assistentie Roán ten Cate, Levi Middendorp | Opnameleiding Ina van Beek, Casper Thiel, Marieke Weitkamp | Assistentie Opnameleiding Meike Huisman, Eva Schipper | Scriptcontinuïteit Jop Vermeulen, Noa Scheinowitz | Productieleiding Sam Peetz, Floor de Wolf, Diewertje Kramer | Productie-assistentie Mare Feltkamp, Eva Schipper, Onne Vermeulen, Art van ’t Rood, Kayle Ros | Focuspuller Noa Kasanović | Tweede Camera-assistent Lyanne van der Hoeve | Best Boys Abel Andel, Joep Hegeman | Belichters Shane Pheil, Robin van Klaveren, Isa Klauwers | Geluidsassistentie Teun Beumer, Tauro ter Horst, Felicia Koolhoven | Foley Artists Nynke Spanjer, Lesley van Brummelen | Kostuumontwerp Lux Vonk, Irene Joosten Martin | Assistent Production Design Samantha Buis | Setdresser Isa Soares | Kleedster Irene Joosten Martin | VFX Coördinator Marlies van Loosbroek | Pipeline Technical Director Gillis Vink | Digital Compositors Luke van Aarle, Praba Anandasundaram, Jitte van Berlo, Aaron van Daalen, Dionne Dol, Flint Kuijkens, Stevenson Lacroes, Marlies van Loosbroek, Wijnand Meijer, Joris Passchier, Gilles Vink | Concept Artists Rick Kamp, Bo Schutte | Casting Buddy Film Casting 


with Judith Schuur, Roán ten Cate, Nazmiye Oral, Arend Brandligt, Anne Chris van Doesburg, Jaleesha Hernandez