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So, it's now been over a month since I was accepted at CvA and began the matriculation process.  In that time, I have had to find an apartment, take visa pictures, buy travel insurance, buy student insurance, get bank statements, figure out finances, get absentee ballots, fill out a million forms, read up on government travel restrictions and exemptions, book a flight, pack, and about a hundred other things I'm probably forgetting.  Needless to say, it's been a very stressful, busy month.  But that's not where it ends- today is my third attempt to fly out of the US.  The first two flights with TAP Portugal ended up being dead ends with impossible to meet Covid-19 test guidelines and mixed/confusing messaging from the airline.  Tonight I am flying with Icelandair, and they do not stipulate that I have a coronavirus test before boarding as TAP Portugal does.  I had one done on Friday anyways for good measure, but they may not even have the results in time for the flight- hence, the impossible to meet TAP Portugal guidelines.


Long story short, don't fly with TAP Portugal during this pandemic.  I've flown with them before and had no problems, but after this travel nightmare and losing over $500 for nothing, it's left a sour taste in my mouth.


After an incredibly stressful and disappointing trip back home from the airport Thursday night, I decided to channel my feelings into something a little more productive than a Facebook rant.  I designed a simple, meme-inspired mask for those who want to give the middle finger to 2020 but in a measured, subtle way:


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If you want one, (I'll be ordering one once I arrive in the Netherlands) they are available for purchase at


Once I arrive in Amsterdam, the plan is to stay one night in a hotel, check out the new apartment, and catch a bus to Poznań to stay with Ania for the remaining month before classes begin.  Needless to say, all of this travel will be accompanied by an exorbitant amount of hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, and wipes.  As a woodwind player whose career depends on the functionality of his lungs, I have to say Covid-19 sounds like just a wonderful time.